August 15, 2017

About Me

Me smiling! :)

Welcome to my blog! You’ll get to know about me here!

I’m Shehryar, often nicked Sher (Tiger) by people close to me. I’m a freelance content writer with roughly 2 years of content writing experience under my belt. Oh and, I’m a Google certified digital marketer too!

I’m yet to complete my O-Level qualification, which is the equivalent to a high school degree. Yet, somehow, I write better content than most local (and in some cases, international) university graduates. Considering I’ve helped several entrepreneurs and webmasters with their content needs, not boasting seems quite illogical.

Oh and, don’t worry, I have proof to backup my claim. Feel free to check out my portfolio to see my past work or my testimonials to get to know what my past clients say about me!

Over the course of the 2 years of my writing, I’ve worked with over 10 clients based in various countries like US, UK and Pakistan.

My story

I’m not going to lie. 2 years ago  I never would’ve imagined I’ll be writing content! The start of my writing can be traced back to March 2015, when my English teacher pressurized me to take part in the Royal Commonwealth Society’s Queen Essay Competition.

Writing my essay was actually quite agonizing thanks to the minimum word count requirement of 1500 words. At that time, anything above 350 words used to sound like hell!

Fast forward to August 2015,  the results of the competition are announced. I’m meddling with friends during the morning assembly while the Principal is announcing the names of the winners. Suddenly, my ears signal my brain about my summoning.

“Gold Certificate, Shehryar Ahmed, class Sr. 2-A.”

I was like, wait what? Are you sure it’s me?

Anyhow, that was it. That was the confidence boost I needed to be able to start writing.


Like what you see?

Well, I’m available for projects all the time! Primarily I cater to the content needs of individuals and small/medium businesses.

Email me today to tell me about your project. Or, alternatively feel free to WhatsApp me at +92 324 240 7038 to know why I might be the best fit for your project!