August 15, 2017


My portfolio includes samples of work I’ve done for over 10 clients within the last two years. Most of these clients were business owners/webmasters who wanted to have content written for their blogs.

P.s. this only includes content which is published on my name. Ghostwritten pieces are NOT included here due to copyright/client agreement issues. Feel free to contact me if you want to see my ghostwriting samples!

Some of the works I’ve done are listed below:


Work For Dynasty Technologies, a Digital Marketing firm in Dubai 

Niche: Digital Marketing

Article 1: Top 3 Mistakes By Email Marketers and How To Avoid Them
Many of us have heard about the advantages of using emails to market our businesses. However, have you ever thought of what can go wrong in email marketing campaigns?
This article entails information about the 3 most common mistakes committed by email marketers along with tips on how to correct them.

Article 2: What To Look For In a Social Media Marketing Company
Social media marketing might sound like something easily doable. However, that isn’t the case.
I wrote this article to guide entrepreneurs about what they should seek when hiring a social media marketing company.

Article 3: How To Recover Lost SEO Ranking
Many webmasters have went through the process of search engine optimizing (SEO) their website. Yet, one mistake can lead to a significant downfall in rankings.
This well-researched article provides remedies to fix ranking lost due to Google penalties or other reasons.

Article 4: Why You Should Hire A Professional SEO Agency In Dubai
Most Emirati entrepreneurs seldom care about marketing their business, with profits and riches being their primary objective. This article addresses the scenario of entrepreneurs outsourcing their SEO needs to a specialized agency in Dubai.


Work for PakGamers, the biggest gaming forum of Pakistan

Niche: Gaming

Article 1: Top 3 Gaming Lounges In Lahore
Lahore is also known as the city that never sleeps, and rightly so. This article is aimed at Lahore’s residents and expats who are gaming enthusiasts.

Article 2: Prospect Of Growth For eSports In Pakistan
Electronic sports in the form of gaming is something rare in Pakistan. With the help of a bunch of research along with advices from international gamers, I crafted this article which informs readers about the chances of eSports being established as an independent industry in Pakistan.

Article 3: What Pakistan Can Learn From The Rise Of eSports In India 
Pakistan and India have always competed, even in the smallest of things like the size of their livestock. So, why should eSports be any different?


Guides, Blogs and Ideas from all over the World.

Article for Travelicious World

Niche: Travel

Why People Love Islamabad

I’ve lived in Islamabad for two years and boy oh boy have those two years been eventful! The weekly trips to Hotspot along with the dinner hangouts at savour used to be the best thing ever!



Work for YesGulf, a community networking site in Dubai

Niches: Lifestyle, dining, and travel

Article 1: The Best Nightclubs In Dubai
Dubai is host to one of the best nightlife in the world. Nightclubs are an important part of this nightlife, so this article has information on the best nightclubs in Dubai.

Article 2: Best Time To Travel To Dubai For Vacations 
Who doesn’t want to visit Dubai, right? I’m sure most of us do. However, even the best of us tend to get scared by the climate of Dubai.
So, this article informs people about the best time to travel to Dubai.

Article 3: Top 3 Chinese Restaurants In Dubai 
Chinese cuisine is adored worldwide. This article tells readers about the best Chinese restaurants in Dubai.

Article 4: Where To Have The Best Evening Brunches In Dubai 
Dubai’s residents are busy people. They hardly have time to attend morning brunches, so evening brunches take the place of the former.
This article holds information about the restaurants offering the best evening brunches in Dubai.



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